How Logipace works as Logistics and Freight Forwarding Solution

1. Download App

Download Logipace App from Google Play Store. Go to Play store, search for Logipace, find, and download the App.

2. Sign Up

Sign up in easy steps. Provide your basic information, like name, address, email and phone to register, on Logipace App, as a customer.

3. Select Vehicle

There are two types of loading vehicles available through this app right now. We will be engaging more types of loading vehicles in future.

4. Confirmation

Once you have added source and destination location and selected required type of vehicle, confirm your ride to be booked.

5. Enjoy Ride

While the ride is in progress, you can track your ride though this app. Can have an accurate idea of rout, halts, time consumed and current status etc.

6. Payment

Once the ride is completed and goods have been delivered safely, you can pay the driver for the ride. Alternatively, you can pay online through this app too.

Why people choose the Logipace

Salient Features

The App provides Drivers and Domestic/Business customers a platform to book loading vehicle from the comfort of their own place. No need to go to the streets to search vacant vehicles and check their availibility.

Fixed and Genuine System to calculate fare for a ride. No need to do jhik-jhik for increased fare due to the changed rout and no need at all to negotiate fare amount the begining of every such ride.

Ease of payment, either through various online means i.e. popular payment wallet or net banking or credit/debit cards or cash. Drivers will accept payment according to your choice.

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